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About Us

Fluxx is built on two pillars, providing education and providing options to consumers.

We are here to be the essential lending partner for your diverse needs.

Message From The CEO


Like most meaningful endeavors and relationships, Fluxx Mortgage & Financial was started organically. As people like you and I needed assistance, guidance and information pertaining to real estate funding options; we made it a point to grow in a way that would trustfully meet those needs. Today we are proud to provide an array of real estate funding options that will meet the needs of most consumers.

Though we pride ourselves on providing options, we aim to maintain a set standard in personal interaction with our consumers. I remember my first time applying for a home loan, it is not a great memory. I felt undereducated and alone. After the denial, the banker at the time showed very little interest and provided almost no insight that would assist in my approval. Shortly after, I applied for the same loan with a mortgage broker and was sent to shop for my new home. I understand that purchasing property, whether it’s for investment or to raise a family can be an overwhelming process. Our focus is to lessen the burden on our consumers as much as possible. Moving forward, we are focused on enhancing the way we educate and provide options to our consumers simply for that reason.


Ty Holt Jr

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